Item #68782 Union Cards. CIVIL WAR.
Union Cards
Union Cards
Union Cards
Union Cards

A Complete Deck of Civil War Playing Cards


Union Cards. Civil War Playing Cards.

New York: Benjamin W. Hitchcock, 1862.

New York: Benjamin W. Hitchcock, 1862.

A complete deck of 52 Civil War playing cards. Each card standard size (3 9/16 x 2 1/2 inches; 91 x 63 mm). The usual suits are replaced with "National Emblems" including blue Federal eagles, blue 13-star shields, red stars, and red American flags. Jacks are replaced by majors, Queens by the Goddess of Liberty, and Kings are replaced by colonels. The ace of eagles is a large illustration with publisher's imprints as well. Backs of cards are printed in blue with a shield, flags, a star with the letters "US," an anchor and oak leaves and acorns. Housed together in the original pull-top box. Box embellished on the front with an images of the Goddess of Liberty and the words " National Emblems!! Something New in the Card World! Time for a Change! Foreign Emblems Used Long Enough in the U.S." The back side of the box reads

"THE AMERICAN CARD CO. Confident that the introduction of NATIONAL EMBLEMS in place of Foreign, in PLAYING CARDS, will be hailed with delight by the American People, take pleasure in presenting the UNION PLAYING CARDS. As the first and only Genuine American Cards ever produced, in the fullest confidence that the time is not far distant when they will be the leading Card in the American market. EXPLANATION. The Union Cards are calculated to play all the Games for which the old style of Playing Cards are used. The suits are EAGLES, SHIELDS, STARS, and FLAGS, GODDESS OF LIBERTY in place of Queen, COLONEL for King, MAJOR for Jack. In playing with these Cards, they are to be called by the names the emblems represent, and as the Emblems are as familiar as household words, everywhere among the American people, they can be used as readily the first occasion as Cards bearing Foreign emblems."

After this run of cards in 1862, the American Card Company produced another pack of these cards in 1863, but here the backgrounds of the kings and knaves cards had been removed.

Cards are in very good to about fine condition, with just a mild amount of finger soiling and toning. The 7 of Stars card with a small half-inch closed tear. Box is a bit toned and with some minor chips. With a "2-cent" George Washington stamp affixed to inner lip of the box. Stamp has been canceled with the date "1864." Overall an about fine collection of Civil War playing cards.

HBS 68782.


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Item #68782

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